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After Josiah's death in 1795, the Wedgwood business fell into relative disarray for the lack of a strong guiding hand.Production of jasperware and other lines dropped off, creating additionaldemand for the popular wares formerly dominated by Wedgwood.Beginning around 1800, jasperware was produced by Dudson, Adams, Turner, Ridgway, Robinson & Leadbeater, Copeland & Spode (example shown in photo directly below), Samuel Searle, and a few others.

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The relief decorations are usually sprigged figures or garlands of white to contrast dramatically with a colored ground.

Many of the finest designs were the work of a British artist named John Flaxman.

The choices offered by Wedgwood have a distinctly classical feel with many scenes gathered from Greek mythology.

There are examples of Chinese red stoneware tea services being imported into Europe in the 1660's.

The red stoneware teapots were rare, valued oriental treasures in collector's cabinets.

With the rising popularity of tea (around 1670) demand for teapots increased, and red ceramic teapots appeared in more affluent households in England.

Red stoneware is non-porous and is characterized by a fine-grained dry bodied surface.

It is unglazed and was first produced in England by John Dwight who patented wheel-thrown red stoneware vessels in 1684.

The process was copied by the Dutch Elers brothers who transplanted it to the Staffordshire area.

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