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There are three simple ways as listed below of doing it.

You can follow anyone of them depending on your needs.

Brief about Keyboard Shortcut (Ctrl + ;): If you need the date to be updated every time you open excel then this shortcut will not be able to help you out.

However, don’t lose heart we have other functions listed below which would cater to your needs.

This need usually arrives because of various reasons, in my case I was urged to find a solution to it as I need to do some team management wherein I required the time my associates are spending on work daily.

So, in this case adding the current date and time stamp manually is a very tedious task.Thanks to MS Excel that there are certain functions and keyboard shortcuts to do it on the fly.Now, let’s jump quickly onto the actual topic of adding current date and time stamp in excel.Brief about TODAY Function: After this you will be able to see the current date in the cell as depicted in below image: Note: Please note that there are no arguments passed in Today Function, i.e.its correct formula is =TODAY() So this was about using Today function using which you will get date as the only output and this will get auto-refreshed every time you open the excel or press F9 key.However, if you are looking for a function that gives you both date and time as output and also gets refreshed then you can use below function.

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